Around the sand. Ban the (word) “bullfight”! Part III

Beneath a photograph of dozens of pigs crammed so closely together that some didn’t even have room to stand — they were held aloft by being wedged between the bodies of others — I read the news that a move to have pigs chemically castrated (“it makes their balls shrivel up”) to prevent the release of hormones that give pork a taste that is disliked by consumers is causing concern about the drug’s possible effect on humans. Advocates of the drug, i.e. big agri-business, claim that it’s better than the pertaining method of physical castration without anaesthetic, meaning presumably that it’s less messy and time-consuming, i.e. labour-intensive.

Los Machacos, novena de feria

El balcón fallero del GRUPO AGDOJAVI de Valencia, que también se convierte en la sede social de la peña Los Machacos de Valencia  durante toda la fiesta fallera, volvió a albergar a un gran número de visitantes para presenciar la novena mascletá de la feria. Entre sus asistentes, se pudo contar a Braulio Gómez, quien…