Around the sand. Ban the (word) “bullfight”! (I)

Rarely can a simple, seemingly straightforward English word have created so much confusion and sheer misunderstanding of the activity it is intended to describe. Even taken on its own terms it is misleading. A “fight” surely involves some contact between its contestants, yet apart from the placing of banderillas (usually executed by the matador’s cuadrilla) and the denouement of the kill, the aim throughout is that man and beast should not meet — cape and muleta are not meant to even brush the bull’s muzzle. Working as close to the horns as you can get without being touched by them is the object of the exercise.

Cultura Taurina. El toro Ferdinando

Las pasadas navidades se estrenó en los cines españoles la película Ferdinand. Una cinta de animación en 3D, producida por Blue Sky Studios y animada por 20th Century Fox , basada en el libro Ferdinando el toro, de Munro Leaf. La película está dirigida por Carlos Saldanha, y protagonizada por las voces en el doblaje de actores como John Cena, Mark Valle, Kate McKinnon, y Gabriel Iglesias.